Cyril at his home and design studios at Farney Castle

Cyril Cullen, a name and brand which was established over 50 years ago, is an award winning family business synonymous, worldwide with quality, design and innovation. 

Cyril is self-taught in both knitwear & porcelain design and production. He established his knitwear company in the 1960s and began designing and manufacturing Irish parian porcelain in the early 1980s. Cyril’s wife, Margie and their daughters, are all involved in the business in various capacities. The family home, design studios and retail outlet for both Cyril’s knitwear & porcelain collections are at Farney Castle, Tipperary, Ireland.

Porcelain produced in the old castle courtyard

Cyril at work in his studio/workshop

Described by Adele Astaire as ‘a second Balenciaga,’  Cyril Cullen has designed for some of the world’s best-dressed women. Cyril Cullen knitwear designs have become iconic in the international fashion world and a book about his life and work was published by Blackwater Press in 2005. (Knot Sure – The Life and work of Irish Fashion Designer, Cyril Cullen ISBN 1-84131-702-0)

John Rocha describes Cyril’s creations as ‘sophisticated, sometimes whimsical, and yet inherently Irish in tradition and execution’.

Well known designer, Helen McAlinden says,

‘Cyril has always been stylish and innovative with a rare ability to redefine what is Irish in a new and exciting way, while not losing sight of our Celtic origins.’

The book published by Blackwater Press, Knot Sure, tells the story of the man behind the designs and maps his career in the exciting world of international fashion. Having lovingly researched for this book, acquiring original newspaper articles, patterns and photos, Margot brings her father’s fascinating career to life: from his first appearances demonstrating hand-knitting skills on RTE (Ireland’s first national television station) to his trips to the annual ‘Modefest International’ in former Yugoslavia, and his involvement in a hand-knitting project in Lesotho in Africa. Full of fashion photos, personal photos and sketches as well as anecdotes and insights from the designer himself, Knot Sure showcases the artistic talent of Cyril Cullen.

‘To me they are the best and most original knitted things Ireland has produced since the Aran fisherman’s sweater centuries ago. In addition, Cullen, a tall, laughing blond fellow has star quality.’ – Eleanor Lambert

‘The release of Margot Cullen’s book about her iconic knitwear designer father Cyril, has coincided perfectly with the craft’s big renaissance…Knot Sure traces Cyril Cullen’s career and also details the history and cultural meaning of knitting in Ireland.’ – Woman’s Way Magazine

Knot Sure – a book about Cyril’s Life & work written by his daughter, Margot

The cover features a photograph of Cyril and his wife Margie, preparing for a photoshoot at the International Modefest, in former Yugoslavia in 1975.

Margie wears one of Cyril’s linen and cotton dresses with his signature hand knit frill.

7 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Doraine Riley Says:

    I have pieces from your original porcelain collection and intend to sell them. Any advice? Thanks. Doraine

  2. Hi Doraine, mea culpa for not seeing your email until now. You have probably already sold the pieces. My only advice would be to try Ebay or a dealer who specialises in handmade ceramics. Hope that this is of some assistance,

    All the best,

    The Cullens

  3. Geraldine Says:

    Bought small piece years ago in Carrick vase in shape of hand
    Interested in another piece like it with theme hands or is there possible to get old pieces

    • Hi Geraldine, we sell a piece called the tulip vase which I a hand holding a tulip. It is available to buy from our shop at Farney Castle or you can order it through our contact us page. Many thanks for getting in touch,

      All the best,

      The Cullen Family

  4. […] From what I read on the tag, I believe that this sweater was hand knit in Ireland, by Cyril Cullen and his family. I did a google search and learned that Cullen is a self-taught knitter and international fashion designer in Ireland, with his own workshop at Farney Castle, Tipperary, Ireland. I recommend reading more about Cullen and his family here. […]

  5. Mary Donohue Says:

    Before you left Carrick on Shannon my sister in law bought a beautiful bust of Our Lady in porcelain? Do u still make these and what would the cost be ?

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