Cyril’s designs in the windows of Bergdorff Goodman NYC in the 1960s


6 Responses to “A Retrospective of Cyril’s Knitwear Designs”

  1. Sue Wallace Says:

    I just bought an “never used” Aran knit sweater at an estate sale in Florence, Oregon, USA. It still has the tag that says ” designed by Cyril Cullen Carrick-on-Shannon Ireland. Made in Republic of Ireland.” On the back it says No 452 Size 2 (Ladies). Is this a collectible item in Ireland? I was delighted to find it and it fits me perfectly.

  2. Aw wow, that is great news. Delighted that it fits perfectly and that you will give it a new lease of life. We are still producing knitwear in Tipperary, but the earlier garments from the Carrick-on-Shannon days are hard to come by and will be collectible in time. Thank you for your lovely comment x

  3. My husband and I toured Ireland on our honeymoon in March 2002 and discovered Farney Castle and Cyril Cullen. It was a cold and dreary day, and there were no other tourists, so Cyril brought us into his family living quarters for tea and cookies, then showed off the family part of Farney Castle. We were so impressed by the family dining/ball room and his daughter’s collection of Irish harps. I loved the picture of Sybil Connelly (she designed Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress and is the godmother to one of Cyril’s daughters)We spent a lovely 4 hours with Cyril, and I left with sweaters for all the children, plus a beautiful sweater coat and hat, made from the fleece of his own Jacob’s sheep. And the Jacob sheep story is great. I have continued to send friends to the wonderful man. Twelve years and I still talk about Cyril Cullen and what he has accomplished for Ireland.

  4. Paige Cummings Says:

    I still wear my sweater coat and receive compliments every time. I have good friends, Barbara Flick, who will be in Ireland for 2 weeks starting September 24. She has explicit directions on how to get to Farney Castle!! Thanks for a memorable afternoon so many years ago, and years of wearing pleasure! Paige

  5. philip tobin Says:

    i can’t believe this picture, 1964 o0r what!

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