Celtic Knotwork vase (small)

Celtic Knotwork Vase (Large)

Book of Kells vases – celtic dog & celtic bird

Children of Lir Vase & swans

Claddagh vases (large & small)

Irish Coffee Mug

Celtic Crosses (Large & small)

Lucky Leps

The Irish Harp

The Irish Cottage


5 Responses to “The Celtic Collection”

  1. Gerald G. Haggerty Says:

    Dear Mr. Cullen,

    Do you have porcelain replicas of Farney Castle. If so would you provide me with size and cost plus shipping to USA?

    Thank you.

    Gerald Haggerty

  2. jake hand Says:

    is there not more of the celtic collection because i have seen more than whats on this webpage.

  3. Cyril Says:

    We have a lot more items in the Celtic Collection and we hope to have them up on the website in the very near future. In the meantime, if you would like to email us directly about particular items, please contact us at farneycastle@eircom.net

  4. Patricia Wilshire Says:

    I visited your lovely Farney Castle and Shop two weeks ago along with my new family. We purchased many gifts and knit wear. I bought several Christmas ornaments, and thought I had purchased the Celtic cross (small). How might I purchase one online? P.S. Mr. Linstroth bought me the lovely pink porcelain figurine. Jack was the well-mannered little fella. we had a lovely time when you gave us a visit if the castle.

    • Hi Patricia, you can purchase directly from us via our email through the contacts page on this site. We don’t have a shopping cart facility set up yet, but we will reply to any emails sent.
      Hope that helps,


      The Cullens

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